Han and Beyond – The Renaissance of China: The James Conley Collection

01/24/2009 - 06/15/2014

This large exhibition of more than 100 works of art from the Neolithic period (ca. 3,000 BCE) to Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911) offers a rare opportunity to view remarkable objects drawn from nearly five thousand years of China’s creative inspiration.

The exhibition provides both an introduction to Chinese art for the uninitiated, and an opportunity for specialists and scholars alike to enjoy important materials worthy of further exploration and research.

Collection highlights include paintings with scenes of courtly life and palace exteriors, porcelain vessels, and an installation of an artist’s studio – as well as historical narratives, court furnishings and accouterments of exquisite carvings in jade, lacquer, wood, and bronze, and a rare large Yuan portrait meticulously rendered in a colorful manner. The portrait reflects the refined tastes of the Chinese and serves as a symbol of Imperial pomp and prosperity.

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