FY2020 Donors

The Tucson Museum of Art and Historic Block recognizes and thanks the following donors who made contributions during fiscal year 2020.* These gifts provide vital support for the museum’s education and outreach efforts, feature exhibitions, and the continuing care, presentation and interpretation of the collection.

Alice and Paul Baker

$300,000 to $999,999
Jon and Linda Ender
I. Michael and Beth Kasser

$100,000 to $299,999
Joyce G. Broan
Mary Jo Brown
James J. and and Louise R. Glasser
Franklin W. and Jean Hamilton
Institute of Museum and Library Services
Stonewall Foundation
Western Art Patrons

$50,000 to $99,999
Richard and Linda Anderson
Contemporary Art Society
Patricia Carr Morgan and Peter F. Salomon
Steven and Doris Ratoff
Anne Y. Snodgrass
Elizabeth T. Tolbert
Tucson Museum of Art League

$25,000 to $49,999
Arizona Commission on the Arts
Flinn Foundation
Kit and Dan Kimball
Anne E. and Edward W. Lyman

$10,000 to $24,999
Amy J. Adams
James H. and Frances R. Allen
Arnold Horwitch Family Charitable Foundation
Michael Bylsma and Mark Flynn
Connie Hillman Family Foundation
Jerry E. Freund
James Huntington Foundation
Marilyn and Clayton R. Joyce
Kautz Family Foundation
Latin American Art Patrons
Roger and Ann Looyenga
Jeanne McDonald
Stuart J. Meinke
Mary Mochary
Jeanne Pickering and Mike Andrew
Kenneth and Judith Riskind
Stocker Foundation
Ralph Tingle
Dr. Sheldon L. Trubatch and Katharina Phillips
Jane and Bob Wienke
Alan Willenbrock and Peggy Jones

$5,000 to $9,999
Larry and Florence Adamson
Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona
Bank of America
Robin Black
Lori and John Carroll
The Honorable Jean S. Cooper
David C. and Lura M. Lovell Foundation
Jeffrey W. and Anne E. Gartner
Emily Glasser and William Sussman
Sheryl and Robert Greenburg
Lenore Hanauer Foundation
Long Realty Cares Foundation
Stevie Mack and Michael Grassinger
Sandra C. Maxfield/Frances Chapin Foundation of the United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona
Rio Nuevo District
Sarah B. Smallhouse
Ralph L. Smith Foundation-Smith Shares
Nancy K. Strauss
Drs. Mark and Kathleen Sublette
William and Roberta Witchger

$2,500 to $4,999
Alexander Sisters Philanthropy
Frank E. and Betsy E. Babb
Banner Health
Constance G. and Harrington G. Bischof
Barbara and Denis Brady
Cox Communications
Julie Frankston
Ed and Cristine Hansen
Susan S. Hilkemeyer
John and Helen Murphey Foundation
Susan Mansfield and Tony Garcia
Pamela J. Parry
Suzanne and Ron Scharf
Bill Schenck

$1,000 to $2,499
James and Judy Betty
Logan Browning
Linda Caplan
Amy S. Charles and Steve McMillan
Frank and Janice Cicero
William and Barbara Dantzler
Benjamin and Michelle Day
Diversified Print Solutions
Lisa Frank
Denise Grusin and James Wezelman
JoAnne and Robert Hungate
Cheryl Hutchins
Courtney Johnson
Alvin and Janice Kivel
Landtamers, LLC
Donna and Ira Leavitt
LewAllen Galleries
Elaine Litvack and Bill Bieber
Jeremy Mikolajczak and Ana Tello
Cookie and David Pashkow
John and Diane Patience
Charles and Jennifer Putney
Susan and Jeffrey Rein
Renewal Arizona
Margaret Rosenquist
Drs. Adib and Vivi Sabbagh
Splendido at Rancho Vistoso
Linda L. Stack
Jessie and Gary Van Ness
Viola Steinfeld O’Neil First Family Fund
John-Peter Wilhite

$500 to $999
Robert Alpaugh and Rob Waters
American Family Insurance
David and Julia Andres
Neal and Julia Armstrong
Norman Balmer
Joanna Barsh
Lee and Barbara Beach
Jan Buckingham and Lauren Ronald
Rose Ann and Eugene R. Casagrande
Jandava Cattron
Rebekah and Stephen Chapman
Darryl and Mary Ann Dobras
Samuel and Beatrice Ellis
Thomas and Vanessa Ferullo
Cecile Follansbee and Robert Fritz
Beth Foster
Mary and Bob Gillett
Bruce and Edythe A. Gissing
Brian and Maxine Goldstein
Gordon Foundation
Nancy Davis Greenway
Arthur and Margaret Hittner
John and Bonnie Hoos
David and Nancy Kalal
Lee and Martin Karpiscak
Michael and Susie Kennedy
Robyn Kessler and Jeffrey Timan
Nancy Kluge
Susan Krzyston
Craig LeCroy and Kerry Mulligan
David Lovitt
Fidel Marquez
Patricia and Tony Mathios
Margaret and Danny McCarther
Dede McKnight
John G. McNulty and Jeffrey Brown
Mark Mendelson and Christopher LaPolice
Jim and Donna Sue Moody
Paul and Susanna Orzech
Sally and Ben Perks
Gwen R. and Chesley Porter
Howard and Marilyn Post
Sylvia Pozarnsky and Tom Riley
Gretchen Price
Kay Ransdell and Nick Soloway
Ann H. Redding
Eugene Ruark
Seymour and Marcia Sabesin
Janis and Earnest Salerno
Rachel and Stephen Sattinger
Linda and Reid Schindler
Sandra and Richard Schmidt
Shirley & David Allen Foundation
Eric P. Soulsby
James Tharp and James Lindheim
Tucson Medical Center
Frederick Wackerle and Barbara Provus
Shirley Wagner
Carol and Jerry Ward
Kathleen and Gary Wilder

$250 to $499
Jeffrey and Deborah Altschul
Judith and Tom Billings
Irma and John Bolm
Maura Brackett
Bonnie Bradford
Phylis M. Carnahan
Thalia V. Crooks and Travis B. Moore
Andrea Dillenburg
Elizabeth and Tom Doughty
Bryan Durkin
Stephen W. Edwards
Judith and David Efnor
Eileen Graydon
Lynn and Rick Gregson
Steven Haines
Millie J. Heine
Sandra Helton and Norman Edelson
Kathleen Ilyin
Stan and Jill Jankowski
Chuck and Laurie Jarrett
Joel Katz
John and Margie Kerr
Fran M. Kniaz
Arthur B. LaFrance and Margaret S. Rowland
Dan J. and Betina O. Lyons
Stuart and Tornie MacKay
William A. and Marcia M. Patterson
Darla Masterson
Brooke Miner
Frances W. Moore
Brenda and Doug Nelson
Rita S. Nenonen
Judy Pease
Davidson Perry-Miller
Marylou Philips
Cassandra Prescott
Lauren and David Rabb
William G. and Kathleen Rector
Rona Rosenberg
Vicki Markizon and Andrew Sepko
Gale and Stephen A. Sherman
Randy N. Spalding and James E. Cook
Ellen Trevors
Amalia Walther
Janice L. Warne and Joe R. Douglas
Neil and Carol Weinstein
Tim Wernette and Carolyn Brown
Donna Whitman and Frank Valenzuela
Jeffrey and Ellyn Wolfson

*FY July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020