Bryers Studio Opens

June 23 / 2014


A re-creation of

The Duane Bryers Studio


Tucson, Arizona – October 24, 2013 – The Tucson Museum of Art presents a re-creation of artist Duane Bryers’ studio in the Goodman Pavilion of the Museum. The exhibition was created with the assistance of the Bryers’ family and will be on display indefinitely. For more information please visit our website or call 520-624-2333.

Duane Bryers (1911-2012), a beloved artist of Tucson and Southern Arizona, displayed his endearing wit and love of the American West in the works of art produced within his studio. The Tucson Museum of Art takes an insightful and engaging look into the creative process of Duane Bryers and the importance his art space —his studio—played in his life and career. In this re-creation, visitors become immersed into the world of the artist as if he just stepped away from the easel.

After settling in Arizona in 1958, Duane Bryers consciously surrounded himself with the sights, sounds, and sensations of the American West. His studio served as a source of contemplation and solace, fun and enjoyment. He became engrossed in his work using sketches, photographs, books, and notes for reference. His palette, always close to his easel, contained bright, brilliant colors. Bryers’ orange chair sat near the window providing a view of his favorite desert and grassland landscape of Sonoita, Arizona where he resided for 25 years until moving to Tucson. On top of his easel hung a cowboy hat, a symbol of his passion for western themes. The artist once stated, “The mere act of putting pencil to paper, or brush to canvas is a joy.”

“We weren’t looking for an exact replica, but instead wanted to create the feel, or essence, of the artist in his creative space,” said Christine Brindza, Glasser Curator of Art of the American West. “Museum patrons are encouraged to discover the ways that this artist found inspiration and interpreted it in his work.”

Polly Bryers, one of the daughters of the late artist, remarked about the studio,” The Tucson Museum of Art’s beautiful and artistic re-creation of the Duane Bryers Studio offers the visitor a unique opportunity to enter into the creative space of a wonderful, endlessly talented Arizona artist and to learn about his long and interesting life.” She and her family provided first-hand knowledge, numerous photographs, and research materials for the re-creation.

Throughout his 100 years, Bryers upheld a positive approach in any task saying, “I didn’t know I couldn’t do it.” In looking at his studio, this characteristic may be revealed.

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