Pima County Bonds Invest in Arts, Culture, and History

July 20 / 2015

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July 22, 2015

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Projects will strengthen economy, create jobs, and provide needed art education

(TUCSON, Ariz.) This fall, voters have a unique opportunity to set Pima County apart as a leader in supporting
our region’s cultural and creative future. Passage of the Pima County Bond package will invest in arts, culture,
and history projects throughout the region. The YES on Pima County Bonds campaign today released an issue
paper highlighting the arts, culture and history projects on the Pima County bond package.

The projects outlined in the bonds not only bring together a diverse group of residents, but also have tangible
benefits that include creating jobs, increasing tourism, and improving academic performance. These projects are
included in several of the propositions that comprise the Pima County Bond package that will be on the general
election ballot. They include Prop. 427 (Tourism Promotion) and Prop. 430 (Natural Area Conservation and
Historic Preservation).

Robert Knight, Chief Executive Officer of the Tucson Museum of Art, said, “The Museum has an unprecedented
opportunity to establish a much-anticipated programmatic showcase for the Art of the West collection, providing
a series of new art galleries, as well as related education programs, public activities, and special events.” He
continued to say, “The historic Pima County Courthouse adaptive reuse plan will have deep impact on the
community and fill a pressing need for additional Western, Native American, Mexican, and Latin American art
exhibition space. The County Courthouse is a symbol of Tucson’s rich past and diverse history. Combining it with
the cultural legacy of the Tucson Museum of Art will only serve to enhance the experience of southern Arizona’s

The Tucson Museum of Art project is just one example of art and culture organizations that will be impacted by
the passage of the bond measures. The YES on Pima County Bonds campaign today released an issue brief that
outlines more information on the impact of arts, culture, and history projects, the success of past bond
investments, and summaries of the 2015 ballot items.

Improvements to the Tucson Convention Center campus—specifically the Music Hall, the Leo Rich Theater, and
the Eckbo Landscape—are also part of the bond package.

Barbara Levy, immediate past chair of the Tucson Symphony Orchestra, said, “Some patrons remember the early
‘70s when the Music Hall was first built and was in beautiful condition. They recall Eckbo Landscape that was
joyous and beautiful rather than sad and deteriorating. Tucson deserves to have an improved hall in a beautiful
enriching environment. Tucson deserves a facility of which they can be proud, one that will invite potential
tourists and future residents.”

Preserving our historic sites—offering educational opportunities to both local residents and tourists from around
the world—is of great importance to Pima County. Mission San Xavier is one of the community’s most
recognizable landmarks and it will also receive funds for necessary repairs and restoration through the passage of
Prop. 430.

“Mission San Xavier del Bac is one of Arizona’s most revered historic buildings and one of Southern Arizona’s
most important tourism attractions,” said Barbara Peck, Board Member of Patronato San Xavier. “This bond
initiative will allow experts to complete the restoration of the Mission’s East Tower and restore the intricate
facade that surrounds the entrance.”

A broad coalition of Pima County residents launched the YES on Pima County Bonds campaign to seek voter
approval of the seven bond measures on this fall’s general election ballot. These measures will, among other
things, build and repair critical infrastructure, provide affordable housing, protect public safety, encourage
tourism, conserve open space, and improve community health and knowledge.

Pima County voters last approved a comprehensive bond package in 2004 that improved public safety, provided
new affordable housing, and conserved open space. After losing thousands of construction, tourism, and other
jobs during the Great Recession, Pima County must pass the entire Bond Package to create new jobs and spur
additional economic activity for the region.

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YES on Pima County Bonds is a coalition of diverse community members committed to passing all seven propositions of the Pima County 2015 Bond Package. For more information on the campaign, visit www.YesOnPimaCountyBonds.com. Connect with the campaign on Facebook (/yesonpimabonds), Twitter (@yes_pima_bonds), and Instagram (yesonpimacountybonds).


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