Latin American Art

The Latin American Art collection includes over 3,000 works of art from all periods, from ancient to contemporary. These include Art of the Ancient Americas, which encompasses objects from Mesoamerica, the Intermediate Zone, and South America; a Spanish Colonial collection that includes works created from the seventeenth through the nineteenth centuries; and a collection of Modern and Contemporary Latin American and Latinx Art.


Art of the Ancient Americas
The collection of art from the Ancient Americas includes finely decorated ceremonial vessels, figurines, stone sculpture, and metalwork. Collectively, these works represent approximately 3,000 years of history and over 30 cultures spanning the Americas from Central Mexico south to modern-day Chile. Highlights include Maya vessels and figurines, West Mexican figural sculpture, ceramics from Costa Rica and Panama, and Moche painted vessels.


Spanish Colonial Art
The collection of Spanish Colonial art includes works from Latin America and the Southwestern United States created from the seventeenth through the nineteenth centuries. Religious imagery and decorative arts comingle in this area of the collection. Highlights include a collection of oil-on-tin retablos, furniture, and more than 40 paintings on canvas.


Modern and Contemporary
The Latin American Modern and Contemporary collection includes paintings, works on paper, textiles, and sculptures. Modernist works include images by Mexican artists Carlos Mérida and Rafael Coronel, Brazilian artist Sérgio de Camargo, and Colombian artist Fernando Botero. The Contemporary Latin American Art collection includes works from Enrique Chagoya, Gustavo Ramos Rivera, and Roberto Márquez. Latinx artists from the American Chicano/Chicana Movement are also represented and include Patssi Valdez, Alfred J. Quiroz, and Luis Alfonso Jimenez, Jr.

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Yvonne Hellman, El Proceso de Vanilla en Veracruz, 1993, oil on tin. From the Tucson Museum of Art Collection. Museum Purchase. Virginia Johnson Fund. 1994.1

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