The Art of the American West Collection focuses on the varying expressions of the landscape, individuals, ideals, and myths of the American West through art. The collection is used to aid the public in developing a better understanding of, and appreciation for, Euro-American and Native American artistic traditions in the West. While a branch of American art, Western art also incorporates European artistic traditions that have, over time, been adapted to themes, experiences and environments unique to the western United States. Art of the American West also encompasses Native American cultures as both subjects of art and creative forces.

The West has been a defining national symbol during much of America’s history. Although considered a region by Euro-Americans, the West was also a myth, a dream, an inspiration, a collection of individual experiences, a process of westering and a destination. Process and destination, however, played little part in the thinking of Native Americans. For them, the West was somewhere spiritual as well as physical, a sacred domain as well as a common home. The Tucson Museum of Art embraces the rich contribution the American West has made to our nation’s artistic heritage.


Interested in Donating Art?

The Tucson Museum of Art welcomes and encourages mission relevant art donations to the permanent collection. Prior to acceptance, all gifts of art are vetted by the curatorial department and formally approved by the Collections Committee which meets quarterly. Please call 520-624-2333 for more information.

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Welcome to the American West!

Welcome to the American West!

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