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Tucson Museum of Art Rental Guidelines

Reserving your event

How do I reserve the space?

If your preferred date is clear on our global calendar and approved by the Special Events Manager, you must then sign a contract and make a non-refundable deposit.

What are the prices to rent event space?

Rental fees are quoted upon request and are an integral part of our fundraising efforts.  Funds go directly to support the Museum’s invaluable programs and services.  Rental fees include the space, operational expenses (basic security and maintenance) and dedicated support from the Special Events Manager.

Does the Museum provide anything besides the rental space?

The best thing about having your event at the Tucson Museum of Art is the opportunity for you to customize your event to your exact liking.  You can bring in all of your own vendors or you can use some of our services.  We offer additional amenities such as tables (22 60-inch round tables and 25 6-foot tables) and chairs (250).  Please ask the Special Events Manager for more details.

What if I need to change dates after I have already paid the deposit?

While we cannot guarantee your new preferred date will be available we will make every effort possible to accommodate your request.  If the new date is available you will simply sign a new contract with the new date and no additional fees are required.

Is the rental price a tax-deductible donation to the Museum?

No, but your support does go to help the Museum general operating costs, enabling us to continue offering outstanding exhibitions and programs to the community.


Who is my point person before, during and after my event?

The Special Events Manager will be your main contact throughout the whole process.  During the event, Museum security guards can give you access to the areas you will need for your event and help with additional questions, concerns or requests.

What is included in the Rental Facility price?

We provide the facility, free parking on the grounds, access to restrooms and a kitchen with a full size freezer, fridge and microwave.

Kitchen Use:

Your caterers may use the kitchen to prep, but no cooking or flame is allowed indoors. The kitchen may be used to store ice, flowers and other items on the day of your event. Any items that you store are your responsibility and must all be removed by the end of your event. Nothing may be stored on the premises overnight.

Where can my guests park?

Located north of the Lobby, the Museum parking lot can accommodate up to 53 cars, including 3 handicapped spaces. City meters and the City parking lot across from the Museum at 140 N. Main, are free on weekends and on weekdays after 5:00 pm.  Upon request the Special Events Manager can provide you with a parking map.

What is the lighting like outside?

By default, we turn on all of our outside lighting unless you specify otherwise with advance notice. Most people think the strung lights create a romantic atmosphere for an outdoor event. You are welcome to rent additional lighting.

Am I allowed to decorate the rental space(s)?

Most common decorations such as lanterns, flowers, or additional lighting are allowed. As long as nothing is permanent, damaging to the property, political or offensive in nature, we are generally able to allow it on our property. If you have a specific request, please contact the Special Events Manager.

Where are the restrooms located?

Restrooms are all located inside of the Lobby. You do not need to rent the Lobby in order for your guests to access the restrooms.

What happens if it rains?

The backup location in the event of rain is the Lobby, provided that your guest count meets the capacity requirements of the Lobby (150 for a seated dinner, 200 standing).  For additional space we suggest you rent tents to extend off of the lobby.

Can I have the fountain turned on/off for my event?

Yes, simply confirm with the Special Events Manager if you would like the fountain on or off at least one week prior to your event.

Can I put flowers, candles, etc. in the fountain?              

No, putting items into the fountain will cause it to break and you will be responsible for any costs or damages.

Are candles allowed?

They are only allowed outdoors, but wax may not drip on the ground or on Museum property.
Where is smoking permitted?

Smoking is only permitted outdoors, 20 ft. away from any entrance. Cigarette butts will need to be disposed of properly.


What kind of caterer can I use?

We recommend Carte Blanche Catering, located on our premises, but you may use any licensed caterer of your choice.

Can I serve alcohol?

Liquor is the client’s responsibility. Generally if you are not charging guests, and there is no exchange of cash, then you do not need to secure a liquor license from the city; however, we do require that you bring in a licensed and insured bartender.

Can I hire a band or DJ?

Yes, you may hire both, although sound restrictions for outdoor areas apply in the evening. Please ask the Special Events Manager for a copy of the city’s sound ordinance.

Do you have a list of preferred vendors?

Yes, clients can request a list of preferred vendors from the Special Events Manager.  We consider all of our vendors to be highly respectable and trusted in the community.

Cleanup / Setup / Breakdown

Who cleans up after my event?

Cleaning is the client’s responsibility and typically your caterer’s staff can assist you with this. The facility must be returned to its original state at the end of your event.

How do I get my cleaning deposit back?

The $500 deposit is refundable, as long as the facilities are returned to their original, clean and undamaged state after your event. Large spills and other leftover materials must be cleaned and removed by the end of your event. Trash bags must be brought to the dumpster.

Can I store my items before or after my event?

Unless prior permission is received from the Special Events Manager everything must be loaded in and loaded out the same day as your event.


When can my event occur?

Your event can begin as early as 5:00pm and end no later than 10:00pm.  Everyone and everything must be off the premises by 11:00pm.

When can I set-up my event?

Generally, you may set-up in the outdoor locations after Noon and indoors after 5:00pm, when the Museum closes to the public, unless special arrangements are made with the Special Events Manager. You are responsible for your rented items and belongings. It is advised that someone remain with your set-up items at all times.


 When can my rental company pick up rentals?

All rentals must be removed at the end of your event, on the same night of your event unless prior approval is given from the Special Events Manager.

Can I rent tables or chairs from the Museum?

Yes, we have tables and chairs for you to rent. Please ask the Special Events Manager for more details.  Unless other arrangements are approved by the Special Events Manager you are responsible to set them up, break them down, and return them to their storage location at the end of the event. Your caterer will usually help you with this.

Where is the table and chair storage area located?

Tables and Chairs will be located in an outside area called “The Yard”, located just north of the kitchen and Lobby. Security guards can direct you to this space.


Do I have to have security at my event?
Yes. Security is required anytime we have an event on the premises. They are our guards and we take care of scheduling them. Typically 1 guard per 50 guests is scheduled.

General Information

At the Tucson Museum of Art your event becomes a true masterpiece! Located in the heart of the El Presidio Historic District in downtown Tucson, Arizona, the Tucson Museum of Art offers exceptional facilities and exhibitions to provide a truly unique, aesthetic atmosphere for your event. Our various event spaces provide charming, one-of-a-kind backdrops for all private events, including corporate parties and meetings, wedding ceremonies and receptions, cocktail parties, luncheons, or gala events.

Contact the Tucson Museum of Art’s Special Event Manager today to book your event! Call 520.624.2333, EXT 100 or email


Event Spaces

The Tucson Museum of Art has several event spaces that can accommodate anywhere from twenty to over seven hundred guests! Prices available upon request.

Plaza of the Pioneers

Our most popular and grandest location for events, the Plaza of the Pioneers is perfect for large receptions and dinners or easily accommodates large groups for expos and fairs. The Plaza is tree-lined with sunset views of downtown and features a charming fountain.

Configuration Capacity
Seated 700
Reception/Seating 1000

Prices: (will change January 1, 2016)

March 1 – June 14, September 14 – 30
Saturdays: $2,500
Fridays/Sundays: $2,000

June 15 – September 13, December 1 – 28
Saturdays: $2,000
Fridays/Sundays: $1,800


Moore Courtyard

The Moore Courtyard offers a more intimate space with elegant character suitable for ceremonies, luncheons, small banquets or cocktail receptions.

Configuration Capacity
Seated 100
Reception/Seating 200

Prices: (will change January 1, 2016)

March 1 – June 14, September 14 – 30
Saturdays: $1,500
Fridays/Sundays: $1,300

June 15 – September 13, December 1 – 28
Saturdays: $1,500
Fridays/Sundays: $1,000



Our primary indoor rental space, the Lobby is a bright and open space ideal for receptions, cocktail parties, as well as, staff and client dinners.

Configuration Capacity
Seated 150
Reception/Seating 250

Prices: (will change January 1, 2016)

March 1 – June 14, September 14 – 30
Saturdays: $2,000
Fridays/Sundays: $1,800

June 15 – September 13, December 1 – 28
Saturdays: $1,800
Fridays/Sundays: $1,500


Conference Room

Located in the Education Center, the Conference Room is suitable for meetings and presentations. After your meeting or during a break, guests can roam the galleries and experience the current exhibitions on display.

Configuration Capacity
Seated 20



Located in our Education center, the Auditorium is outfitted with a projector, microphone and podium which makes this space the perfect location for your next presentation or meeting.

Configuration Capacity
Seated 75


Goodman and Palice Pavilions

To really impress your guests, gallery rentals can be added to any of the other event spaces. Our galleries feature traveling exhibitions and selections from our permanent collections and allow you and your guests to get an up close and personal viewing experience with art.


Please contact the Special Events Manager with questions or to book your event:

Matthew Slominski

520-616-2702 – direct
520-624-2333 x100

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