FY2021 Donors

The Tucson Museum of Art and Historic Block recognizes and thanks the following donors who made contributions during fiscal year 2021.* These gifts provide vital support for the museum’s education and outreach efforts, feature exhibitions, and the continuing care, presentation and interpretation of the collection.


Alice and Paul Baker
Mary Jo Brown
Jon and Linda Ender
Connie Hillman Family Foundation
James and Louise Glasser
Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Patricia Carr Morgan and Peter F. Salomon

$50,000 to $99,999

James H and Frances R. Allen
Ben and Michelle Day
I. Michael and Beth Kasser
The Stonewall Foundation

$25,000 to $49,999

Richard “Andy” and Linda Anderson
Lori and John Carroll
Jeanne Pickering and Mike Andrew

$10,000 to $24,999

Larry and Florence Adamson
Arizona Commission on the Arts
Bank of America
Michael Bylsma and Mark Flynn
David C. and Lura M. Lovell Foundation
Bob and Carol Dorsey
Ronald and Jacquelyn Feller
Flinn Foundation
Jeff and Anne Gartner
Ms. Rose L. Hamill
Franklin W. Hamilton
James Huntington Foundation
Marilyn and Clayton R. Joyce
Kit and Dan Kimball
Jane Leonard and John Cook
Jeanne McDonald
Steven and Doris Ratoff
Peggy Rawls
Kenneth and Judith Riskind
Suzanne and Ron Scharf
Thomas R. Brown Foundations
Dr. Sheldon L. Trubatch and Ms. Katharina Phillips
Jane and Bob Wienke
Alan Willenbrock and Dr. Peggy Jones

$5,000 to $9,999

Norman Balmer
Bonnie Bradford
Linda Caplan
Jerry E. Freund
Scott and Anne Jones
Lenore Hanauer Foundation
Roger and Ann Looyenga
Anne and Ed Lyman
Susan Mansfield and Tony Garcia
Sandra Maxfield, Frances Chapin Foundation Philanthropic Fund of United Way
Stuart J. Meinke
Ralph L. Smith Foundation-Smith Shares
Drs. Herschel and Jill Rosenzweig
Anne Y. Snodgrass
Nancy K. Strauss

$2,500 to $4,999

Betsy and Frank Babb
Joyce G. Broan
Jane and Richard Campbell
The Honorable Jean S. Cooper
Cox Communications
Julie Frankston
Denise Grusin and James Wezelman
Millie J. Heine
Susan Hilkemeyer, the Schmidt and Barton Family Fund
In memory of Margaret C. (Peggy) Schmidt
JoAnne and Robert Hungate
John and Helen Murphey Foundation
Courtney Johnson
Ed and Nancy Landes
Long Realty Cares Foundation
Vicki Markizon and Andy Sepko
Frances W. Moore
Susan and Jeffrey Rein
Ronald and Karen Schutz
James Tharp and James Lindheim

$1,000 to $2,499

George and Velta Anast
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Amy Charles and Steven McMillan
Frank and Janice Cicero
Downtown Development Corporation
Downtown Tucson Partnership
Shirley A. Estes
Cynthia Frank
Gwen and John Gildea
Eileen Graydon
Pam H. Grissom
Donna Haggarty
Ed and Cristine Hansen
Alan Hershowitz
Arthur and Margaret Hittner
Karen Hively
Mr. and Mrs. John Hoos
Kathleen Ilyin
John and Margie Kerr
Robyn Kessler and Jeffrey Timan
Alvin and Janice Kivel
Robin Lavin
Donna and Ira Leavitt
Elaine Litvack and Bill Bieber
John McNulty and Jeffery Brown
Patricia Meyers and William Hannum
Jeremy Mikolajczak and Ana Tello
Jim and Donna Sue Moody
Crystal and William Moore
Pamela Parry
Cookie and David Pashkow
Paul and Marianne Pellegrino
Tom Riley and Sylvia Pozarnsky
Renewal Arizona
Margaret Rosenquist
Drs. Adib and Vivi Sabbagh
Seymour and Marcia Sabesin
Linda and Reid Schindler
Splendido at Rancho Vistoso
Stocker Foundation
Craig and Marcia Stuart
Jessie and Gary Van Ness
Viola Steinfeld O’Neil First Family Fund
The Walton Hamra Fund of
Vanguard Chariable
Edward and Peg Weiser
John-Peter Wilhite

$499 – $999

Shelley Agricola and Jane Fehon
Robert Alpaugh and Rob Waters
Rexene Andrle
Lee and Barbara Beach
Bear Foundation Inc.
Maura Brackett
Ava and Robert Brook
Barbara M. Calder
Mary Carhuff
Rebekah and Stephen Chapman
Robert Cocke
Merlin and Jane Cohen
Contemporary Art Society
Wiley Cornell and Richard Marshner
Dr. Ana I. Cornide
Marjorie and George Cunningham
Andrea Dillenburg
David Farneth and David Gilbert
Cecile Follansbee
Beth Foster
Friends of the Pima – Green Valley Library
Michael Gagnon
Bruce Gissing
Gordon Foundation
Wendy Greeney
Nancy Davis Greenway
Harry and Alinda Hakanson
Eric and Shelly Hawkins
Susie and Jim Heintz
Jeanne Heyerick and E. Rogger
Jo Ann Huette
Nancy Jacques and David Wegner
Kay Jensen
Janet Johnson
Thomas and Susan Kempken
Donna Kessler
Susan W. Kornhaber
John and Gloria Levin
Roy Loewenstein and Alana Stubbs
Stevie Mack and Michael Grassinger
Stuart and Tornie MacKay
Martha Macks-Kahn and Peter Kahn
Jacqueline L. Manning
Jackie McElroy-Edwards
Dede McKnight
Mark and Elyce Metzner
Judy Newton
Paula and Carl Olson
Paul and Susanna Orzech
Jeanne Porter
Lauren Rabb
Ann H Redding
Shirley & David Allen Foundation
Sumiyo Umeda
Jim Waid
Tom Warne
Janice L. Warne
Kathleen and Gary Wilder
Kim and John Zevalkink

$250 – $499

John and Laura Almquist
Jeffrey and Deborah Altschul
Hedi and Glenn Bacon
Sarah Bierman
Fred Borcherdt and Lynn Taber
Mr. Ronald M. Clark
Carolyn and John Congrove
Paul and Claudia Consigny
Ginny Curtis
Michael Barker and Katrina Dlugosch
Barbara and David Earnest
Judith and David Efnor
Michael Engs
Alan and Rebecca Fabos
Thomas Ferullo and Vanessa Dorr
Linda and Peter Friedman
Judy Gans and Joe Kalt
Nancy and Kirtland Gardner
Vera Gates
Jennifer Gross
Richard and Linda Hanson
John and Robin Harris
Susan Stone Hayes
Geneva and Christopher Heller
Lise Hicks
Pat and Bob Huber
IBM International Foundation
Glenda H. Johnson
John Paul Jones, III
Karl Kirschgessner Foundation
Jay and Barbara Kittle
William and Kate Krauss
Susan and Dennis Lansey
George Le Clair and Joseph Bahl
Lori Levine and Gary Benna
Martin and Barbara Levy
Richard Woodward and Binky Luckhurst
Anne Maley-Schaffner and Timothy Schaffner
Philip D. McArthur
Peter M. McCray
Margaret and C. P. Montgomery
Enrique and Midge Ochart
Davidson Perry-Miller
Susan and Tom Petrus
Marsi and Andy Quigley
Susan and Gary Redeker
Residents Association of Splendido
Thomas and Cindy Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Rodolph
Bill and Alice Roe
Rona Rosenberg
Ms. Molly Rudolph
Korey Schultz and Jasmine Rucker
Ed Schwartz
Katherine Scoggin-Sobonya and Richard Sobonya
Barbara and Robert Seyfried
Laura and David Tick
Jan and Steve Weidenhammer
Tim Wernette and Carolyn Brown
William G and Kathleen Rector
Bonnie Winn

$100 – $249

Joy and Craig Abbott
Joie M. Adams
Jonathan Allen
Mila Aroskar
Carolee and Daniel Asia
Marianne Ayres
Eva K. Bacal
Robert and Sharon Baker
Carrie and Erik Bakken
Linda and Jim Ballinger
Paula Baltes
Dee and Avery Bates
Andy Bernstein and Ethel Sidney
James and Judy Betty
Elizabeth Beyrer and Fred D’Angelo
John and Barbara Bird
Harrington and Connie Bischof
Nancy Bissell
Anne and Chuck Blacher
Peter Bleasby
Irma and John Bolm
Bob and Judy Bolt
Paula Borchardt
Jo and Kevin Boyle
John and Margaret Brahm
Anne Breckenridge Barrett and John Barrett
Jim and Judith Brown
Archibald and Laura Brown
Robert and Kathleen Buettner
Charles and Susan Bush
Shelley Carton
Rose Ann and Eugene Casagrande
Susan C. Casteloes
Dan Chavez and Sharon Oliver
Melvin Cohen and Molly Senor
Ann Cohn
Lilo and Rick Copes van Hasselt
Anne Boyer Cotten and Matt Cotten
Cami and Les Cotton
Andrea Crane
Janice Shelton Crebbs
Katherine Crowfoot
Deborah and Robert Curran
Jerry and Nancy Dahlmann
Augusta Davis
Philip Davis
Jill Dean
Patricia and Richard DeLano
Carol and Jim Deters
William F. Parker and Larry N. Deutsch
Stephen and Aimee Doctoroff
Patricia Donahue
Myron L. Donald
Cynthia B Doster
Elizabeth and Tom Doughty
Mickey and Jan Dowling
Judy Drickey-Prohow
Glenn and Barbara Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. R. Terri Earnest
Larry and Judy East
Stephen W. Edwards
Karen Eisenbart
Terry Evers
Dale and John Farland
Debbie and Marc Fleischman
Diane Foray and Jeff Vollin
Brian and Maxine Goldstein
Clifford Gregory
David and Virginia Griffis
Rex and Beverly Gulbranson
Phil and Anne-Marie Hall
Neel and Gwen Hall
William Martin and Sabra Hassel Martin
Donald Hatfield
Elliott and Sandra Heiman
Kimberly and Dan Heintzman
Regina Heitzer-Momaday and Pierre Meystre
Sharon Hessoun
Thomas and Sandra Hicks
Joseph and Ann Hitter
Thomas and Louise Homburger
Peter and Meg Hovell
Jennifer and Scot Hutchison
Richard and Carol Jacobson
Stan and Jill Jankowski
Chuck and Laurie Jarrett
Robert and Helen Jennette
Karen Jonaitis
Council Member Herb and Diana Kai
Christopher and Sook Kang
Lynn and Chris Karabinas
Lee and Martin Karpiscak
Sandra Katz and Diane Stephenson
Mary Keane and Jim McCorry
Barbara Kelly
James Kieffer
Wayne and Judith Kielsmeier
Nancy Kluge
Eugene Kunde
Agnes Lardizabal
John and Dawn Lashley
Linda Leedberg
Carolyn Leigh and Ron Perry
Richard and Sydney Lemen
Suzanne K. Lillis
Thomas and Marilyn Lindell
Annie Lopez and Jeff Falk
Phil and Carol Lyons
Michael and Sally Mann
Kate Manns
Joan Marques
William and Joan Marum
Bea Mason
Margaret Matter
Linda Mayro and William H. Doelle
Diane Mazzarella
Margaret and Danny McCarther
Mark McDonald
Michael and Susan McKinney
Tammy McLeod
Christina McNearney
Joan McTarnahan
Mary Anne Mills
Michelle and Joe Millstone
Barbara D. Molotsky
Karen Montagnese
Jacquelyn Morgan
Susan and Larry Moss
Michael and Debbie Moynihan
Guna Mundheim
Rachael and Anthony Muscat
Nancy O’Neall
Susan Orleman
Chuck and Susan Ott
Sylvia Garland and Bar Giora Panigel
Lewis and Floy Parkhill
G. and Gil Parrish
Kathleen A. Parson
William and Marcia Patterson
Julia Patterson
Tom and Dabney Philabaum
James W. Phillips
Nancy Polster
Howard and Marilyn Post
Robin Rainwater
Martin and Astrid Randall
Paul and Lois Reiling
Lowell and Marianne Richardson
John Mueller and Janice Rickert-Mueller
Todd and Jenni Rockoff
Alba Rojas-Sukkar and Nizar Sukkar
Jerry Rumley and Pamela Campbell
Susan Rumsey and Joel Wasti
Enriqueta Salvo
Patricia Sanchez
Paulette Scalese
Tom Scarborough
Eleanor and Si Schorr
Jeffrey and J. Collette Schrader
Neva Schuelke
Andy Schulz and Lise Nelson
Debbie Sergi
Barbara Soehnlen
James and Mary Sonda
Eric P. Soulsby
Kay Spencer
Vicki Spritz
Ann Strug
Elle Taft
Sandra and Barry Thall
Lee Thorn
Cathryn Thorup
Anne and Brad Thwaits
Patricia D. Treeful
A P and J H Tundermann
Robert and Adelaide Valentine
Valley Fiber Art Guild
Frederick Wackerle and Barbara Provus
Patricia Waddell
Shirley Wagner
Amalia Walther
Douglas Waterman
Bonnie Wehle
Caron Weinstein
Julia White
Andrew and Melinda Wilcox
David Wohl
Dr. Warren A. Wood, Jr.
Wanda Wynne and Craig Marken
Virginia Yrun and Howard Shore

Up to $100

John and Nancy Alegret
American Association of University Women – Green Valley Branch
Claudia and Eric Anderson
John and Patricia Angiolo
Emilia Arana
Sarah Artzi
Rhoda Babis
Lani Baker
Les Bakke
Kathryn Baron
David Bartlett and Janice Wezelman
Robin and Kent Batty
Rachel Bauer
Celia Bavier
Jean and Tom Baxter
Tj Bay
Dinah Bear and Roger McManus
Elizabeth Beard
Helen  Beckelman
Jeffrey and Jeannie Beech
Kim and Brian Bell
Ronnette Benke
Anne Berkeley
Pamela Berry
Annamaria and Giuseppe Biagini
Thomas D. Bickley
Michael Biller
William Bird
Suliati Boentaran
Hans and Regina Bohnert
Michael Bookman and Maria Platia
Barbara Borgwardt
Betsy and Michael Boxer
Jane and Edward Brancaccio
Walter Brem
Patricia Brodhead
Katherine and Michael Brorby
Em Martin Brott
Jan Buckingham and Lauren Ronald
Emily Burchett
Michael Burgoyne
Joshua Burke
Lollie Butler
Jean Butler and Kathleen Getman
Susan Call
Pete Campbell
Claire Campbell Park
Karen Carlson
Jim and Karen Carson
Judy Carver
Ashley Chamberlain
Deborah Chappa
Sally Cherner
Greg Cheshire
Robert and Katherine Clancy
Judith H. Clark
John Condie
Sally Connelly
Richard Corton
Donna Cosentino
Angela  Costa
Lorraine Crawford and Steven Oscherwitz
Rex Crouse and Dale Jones
James and Christine Dauber
Cicely d’Autremont
Michelle D. Davidson
Dino and Elizabeth Deconcini
David Devine and Susie Morris
Paola Devis
Catherine Diamond
Randee Dickey
Steph Dillenburg
John Curry and Kristine Dillon
Seth Schindler and  Diane Dittemore
A Doherty
Myra Donnelley
Robert and Carol Dorsey
John and Margaret Douglas
Suzanne Draayer and Richard Thaler
Thomas Ekkers and Lynn Stuart
Maria Eppig
Alan Exler
Mima and Don Falk
Ms. Paula Corrette Fay
Joan Feldman
Peter Feldman
Gary Fenstermacher and Virginia Richardson
Valentine Ferraris
Patrick Fidel
Joann Fortino and Kathleen Woessner
Mary Ellen Fresquez
Ruth A Friedman
Anne Gagnon
E David Gamble and Jane Burns
Paul Garner and Margaret Houghton
John T. Gaudielle
Catherine Geanuracos
Gordon and Ann Geiger
Sally Gershon
Beth Giachetti
Gudrun Godare and Randall Smith
Barbara E Goebel
Paul Gold and Greer Warren
Josh and Anita Goldberg
Pamela Golden
Paul Gomez and Amy Gomez
Rick Gondelman
Sylvi  and Robert Gonzalez
George and Diane Gordon
Lorna and Jeremy Govier
Jane Gray
Mary Lou Greer
Liz Grider
Tamara Griffin
Karen Griffith
Timothy Grimes and Kathy Lauerman
Christine Gross
Lewis and Misty Gruber
Barbara Gurwitz and William Hall
Anastacia Gutierrez
Jody Haagenson
Lauren Hagan
Nina Hamburg
Chris and Erika Hard
Lisa Hastreiter-Lamb and David Lamb
Ann Hatch
Claudia Heath and Jack Hollis
Robert Henderson
Louis and Phillis Herbster
Louis Hess and Pat Anderson
Marian and Ron Hill
Daniel Holladay
Ms. Merrilee I. Holmes
Reuben  Howard
Russell Hudson
Christine Huey
Pat Barey and Peggy Hughes
Elizabeth Hulette
Iatarola and B. Iatarola
Andrew Ihla
Terese and Peter Ireland
Joan and Blake Iserman
Margaret Iverson
Gabriela Jacobsen
Joyce and Mel Jaffe
Lisa Jensen and Valerie Barnes
Betty and Darrell Johnson
Harrison Johnson
Robert and Beverly Jones
Keith and Debora Kaback
Rhoda and Michael Kamin
Janeth Rouzer-Kammeyer
Angela and Michael Kapp

Andra Karnofsky and Charles Gannon
Delores Keahey
Wendy Kehoe
Sue Keith
Donell  Kelly
Mary Kemp
Ron and Judith Kessler
Jovee Knagge
Catherine Knapp Aspinwall and Catherine Gioannetti
Reneé Koehler
Margaret Koller
Sherwin and Karen Koopmans
Leslie Kooy and Steven Brooks
Michael Korn
Julie Kramer
Donald and Robby Laidlaw
Dr. Sue Lambert
Janina C. Latack
Joel Alpert and Nancy Lefkowitz
Randi Levitz
Mr. and Mrs. R. Craig Little
Gina Lloyd
Donald Lockett and Gayle Ehlers
Paul and Sherri Lomayesva
Charlotte Luczycki
J. Lynch
Sean Lynch
Abbey Machesney
Ally Mahoney
Judith Malen
Annette Manson
Patricia C. Margeson
Skreko Martin
Jill McCleary
Charles  McClure
Max and Emely McConkey
Alan McIvor
Fran and Rick McNeely
Emma Metherell
Mary K. Meyer
Tad Miller
Frederick and Helene Mittleman
Stuart Moody and Elizabeth Jaeger
Mel Morgenbesser
Judith Murphy
Joan Najita and Arjun Dey
James and Patricia Neel
Sarah Nelson and Wayne Rocheleau
Rita Nenonen
Gloria Nielsen
Petrine Nielsen
Douglas Noffsinger and Roger Funk
Judith Norris
Mary and Robert Norwood
Timothy O’Connor
Susan and Patrick O’Hagan
Junko Olander
Joseph Ortiz
Bardo Padilla
Frances Pakenham
Linda Pantoja
Peggy Papay and Mike Moore
Leslie and Greg Pape
Rebecca R. Paradies
Carol Parks
Kim Patten
Steve and Marge Pellegrino
Jennifer Perez
Dean Pielstick and Anne Parker
Stacy Pierce
Brian Pohyar
Michael Popiwny and Paul Koopman
Gwen and Chesley Porter
Jenise Porter
Janice Prezzato and Paul Speer
Delia Ramirez
Jakob and Bonner Raskob
Maury Reed
Philip Reinhardt
Michael Reynolds
Carrie Rickard
Susan Roberts and Doug Larson
Harry and Nina Rosefelt
Marsha Rosenblum
Ruth and Michael Ross
Nancy Roubound and Anthony Roubound
Michelle Rouch
Mary Frances Ruddick
Kiernan and Teresa Ryan
Suzanne Saari
Carol Sack
Tanis and Robb Salant
Janis and Ernest Salerno
Alexander Samoy-Alvarado
Peggy Sanders
Mary Sasse
Dr. Julie Sasse
Carolyn Saunders
Zohreh Saunders
Andrew  Scherffius
Barbara Schied
Robert and Sally Schleu
Ann Schlumberger and Robert Young
Suzanne Schorr
Carol Schultz
Richard and Veronica Schultz
Jerry Schuster and Laura Tremaine
Arthur H. Schwartz
Joan and Jeffrey Scurran
Elizabeth Seibert
Pam Shanahan
Deborah Shelton
David Shepard
Linda Sielken
Kristine Slentz and Kenneth Howell
Janet Smith
James Stewart and Janice Wilhelmi
Judith Sugar and Richard Tracy
John Szafranski
Vincent Tampio and Jill Ley
Laura Tanzer and Michael Simons
Cynthia Thomssen and Joseph Hyde
Michelle Tong
Judith A. Tracy
Jaye-Lynn and Marty Trapp
Gail True
Rosemary and Lyle Tweet
Cutler Umbach
Thomas and Christine Uzzell
Margaret VanderVliet
Charles Varner
Jennifer Vasko
Stephanie Velsmid
Peeranut Visetsuth
Ross M. Iwamoto and Marianne Vivirito
Lisa and Dick Vogels
Dovie and Dale Wahl
Erin Walker
Magali and John Walrath
Sandra and David Wanger
Cathy and Fred Wayand
Nancy and Rodney Weant
Marylou and Charles Weber
Patricia Weigand
Lester and Carol Welborn
Margery Welch
Marina Welmers
Nancy White
Natalie Whitman
Frank and Connie Wicks
Carrie Wilkinson
James and Frances Williamson
Wendy Willis
John and Diane Wilson
Kelly Windsor
Larry Winter
Janet Winters
John Wolfe
Christina and Allan Wright
Stephen J. Younger
Loraine Zagula
Thaddeus and Elizabeth Zaleski
Rosamarie Zimmerman
Philip and Karen Zimmermann
Vasyl Zuk
Kaaren Zvonik

*FY July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021