Support Organizations

Western Art Patrons

Founded in 2007, the Western Art Patrons (WAP) support the acquisition, conservation, and exhibition programs of the Western Art curatorial department. The group celebrates and explores the themes, experiences, and environments unique to the art produced in, or about, the western United States – encompassing historical and contemporary western expressions, as well as the important aesthetic contributions of our Native American cultures.

WAP regularly offers its membership western-themed lectures, symposia, behind-the-scenes museum tours, artist studio visits, western-themed parties, trips to major art centers, and excursions to private and corporate western art collections. With approximately 200 avid members, this young, rapidly growing, and unique support group provides an opportunity to enthusiastically share the passion and intrigue of the American West with like-minded museum patrons.

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Tucson Museum of Art Docents

Docents bring art education to school-children, museum visitors, and the local community through many different programs. In fact the word “docent” is derived from the Latin word docere meaning “to teach.”

All that’s required to join this group of fun, interesting, like-minded people is an interest in art and people, a commitment to volunteering, and a desire to learn. The Docent training program spans a 9 month training period and focuses on three main areas: a knowledge of the collections and historic properties; a cultivation of touring skills; and an understanding of art history including major periods and important artists.

Classes meet every Thursday from 9:00 am – 2:30 pm, October – May, and cost only $200 per person or $300 per couple to cover costs of textbooks and other printed materials. Prospective docents must be Museum members.

Once you become a docent, you can choose to lead tours, work with children, give art talks, or chair study groups and committees.

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Latin American Art Patrons

Latin American Art Patrons (LAAP) is dedicated to the support and expansion of the Museum’s Latin American Art programming of exhibits, publications, and educational presentations. It also provides acquisition funds to expand the permanent collection which encompasses the pre-Columbian, Spanish Colonial, and contemporary periods, as well as a strong representation of folk and indigenous art.

Throughout the year LAAP organizes special events for its members. These experiences kindle knowledge, enjoyment, and friendship among enthusiasts of Latin American Art.

Activities and Events:

  • Visits to private and public collections
  • Trips to points of interest regionally, out-of-state and abroad
  • Lectures with renowned speakers
  • Private home tours and collector’s salons showcasing Latin-American themed collections and decor

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Contemporary Art Society

The Contemporary Art Society (CAS) is a support organization for Modern and Contemporary Art at the Tucson Museum of Art. Established in 1999, CAS’s mission is to foster a greater community awareness of the role contemporary art plays in the region’s cultural identity. Our objectives include furthering the goals of the Tucson Museum of Art by actively acquiring contemporary art for the permanent collection, supporting exhibitions of contemporary art at the Museum, and sponsoring lectures by contemporary artists, curators, and critics. CAS organizes studio visits, salons, tours, workshops, and events that promote the study, discussion, and appreciation of Contemporary Art.

Contemporary Art Society

What Tucson Collects

Invites members to tour collectors’ homes and gain a unique perspective on the passion of art collecting.

Contemporary Lecture Series

CAS sponsors lectures by locally and internationally prominent artists, curators, critics, gallerists, museum directors, and other arts professionals who give fascinating insights into art, art history, and the business of art. Past distinguished speakers include Audrey Flack, Ivan Karp, Jane Hammond, Terence La Noue, Gaylen Hansen, Mark Klett, Raymond Pettibon, Vincent Desiderio, Ellen Wagener, Dr. Eric Motley, Luc La Rochelle, and Einar and Jamex de la Torre.

Studio and Gallery Visits

Monthly programming focuses on visiting artists’ studios and contemporary galleries in the region so that members can meet the artists and hear them talk about their work. “Artspeak” is a feature that enables members to attend galleries during a pre-opening to hear artists and gain a better appreciation of their exhibitions.

Tours and Trips

CAS plans highly popular regional, national, and international art tours including a yearly trip to the Phoenix area; national trips to such cities as Houston, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and Seattle; and international trips including Havana, Venice/Verona, and Berlin.


Since 1999, CAS has raised and contributed more than $1 million in artwork value to the Tucson Museum of Art in consultation with the curatorial staff. Acquisitions include works by James Havard, Gustavo Ramos Rivera, John Chamberlain, Chuck Close, William T. Wiley, Vernon Fisher, Tom Uttech, Paho Mann, Joyce Scott, Gregory Crewdson, and James Drake.

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