The Place Where Clouds Are Formed

February 9, 2020 – February 14, 2021

Image: Quitovac, Mexico. 2019

Na:nko Ma:s Cewagĭ
Cloud Song
Canción de las nubes

Ce:daghim ‘o ‘ab wa:ṣañhim.
To:tahim ‘o ‘ab wa:ṣañhim.
Cuckuhim ‘o ‘ab him.
Wepeghim ‘o ‘abai him.

Greenly they emerge.
In colors of blue they emerge.
Whitely they emerge.
In colors of black they are coming.
Reddening, they are right here.

Verdes emergen.
En colores azules emergen.
Blancos emergen.
En colores negros van llegando.
Enrojecidos, ya están aquí.

Excerpt from “Na: Ma:s Cewagĭ/Cloud Song”, Ocean Power, (1995)
– Ofelia Zepeda, PhD, Tohono O’odham