Press Release

Flinn Foundation Awards $100,000 Technology Grant to Tucson Museum of Art

January 8, 2019

TUCSON, ARIZONA (January 8, 2019) – The Tucson Museum of Art and Historic Block (TMA) has been awarded a $100,000 technology grant by the Flinn Foundation that will help TMA engage and connect with visitors and members of all ages, volunteers and supporters. Specifically, over two years, TMA will use the Flinn Foundation grant to purchase and phase-in a new, comprehensive Customer Relations Management (CRM) system and other software to increase the museum’s efficiency and communication across platforms.

The award is part of the Flinn Foundation’s Initiative for Financial and Creative Health. This initiative, started in 2013, is intended to help Arizona’s largest arts and culture organizations strengthen their ‘Programmatic Core. Tammy McLeod, Flinn Foundation President & CEO said, “Forward-thinking museums like Tucson Museum of Art are centers of learning, they inspire new creations, and they anchor and energize communities. For TMA to do that well means helping them to invest in and expand connections with patrons and supporters.”

According to TMA CEO Jeremy Mikolajczak, “In today’s culture where technology evolves so rapidly, it is critical for museums to stay relevant with their audiences or risk being left behind. This grant will strengthen our ability to serve as a responsive institution, while bolstering TMA’s technology infrastructure and assisting administrative capacities.”

This multi-phased technology project is the result of TMA’s six-month Deeper Planning Grant awarded by the Flinn Foundation in early 2017. By researching best practices and utilizing new technology, the museum will further its mission of “Connecting Art to Life,” creating an environment focused on the changing needs and behaviors of audiences within an informed and engaged community.

For general media inquiries, contact Cami Cotton,  Executive Assistant to the CEO, at or 520-616-2687